Aviation military high frequency transformer,  400Hz  4kva

Aviation military high frequency transformer, 400Hz 4kva

Aviation military high frequency transformer Single phase Frequency 400Hz/1000Hz

Description of  Aviation military high frequency transformer:

Single/three phase dry type transformer core use high quality cold rolling silicon sheet to ensure reliability, compact size, light weight and economic price. 

Winding use high performance, high temperature resistance insulation material together with non-bobbin or foil winding process, resulting in strong electromagnetism resistance ability, good appearance.

According to different insulation class, total immersed in insulation varnish. This can make less noise, smaller magnetic leakage, higher anti-corrosion ability and more reliable.  

According to different protection class, we provide protection enclosures. 

Application: aerospace, military power supply

Technical parameter of  Aviation military high frequency transformer:

Single phase 400HZ transformer with inductor


Rated voltage: AC400V

Rated capacity:4KVA

Rated frequency:400Hz

Primary voltage:260V

Primary current:15.4A

Secondary voltage:130V

Secondary current:30.8A

Insulation class: F

Dimension: 120*190*236mm(D*W*H)


Features of  Aviation military high frequency transformer:


2:Can isolate partial harmonics ,improve equipment anti-distortion and safety;

Application: Aerospace,Military, aircraft Ground Power Unit, aircraft starting Unit,various testing power supply…

Testing standard of  Aviation military high frequency transformer:

1. Rated working voltage:400VAC

2. Dielectric strength: Core-winding 3000VAC/400HZ/1000HZ/5Ma, 10s no damage

3. Insulation resistance: Core-winding 1000VDC, insulation resistance ≥100MΩ

4. Transformer noise: ,75db(at distance 1 meter)

5. Standard: IEC XXX

Capacity (KVA) 60
Insulation Class F/H
Operating Frequency 400Hz
Phase Single phase
Primary Voltage(V) 130/260
Secondary Voltage(V) 220/380/600/800/1000
Standard According to EN61558-2-6

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