Resistive Load Bank AC three phase 220V 40kw

Resistive Load Bank AC three phase 220V 40kw

Description of  AC Load bank:

Sikes AC Load Bank contains reliable load elements, circuit breakers, contactors,AC power regulator, LED displaying creen and voltage and current meters. SIKES RAC solution provides an essential health check service to prevent diesel engine failure due to wet stacking. Wet stacking occurs due to under loading of the genset which results in wet un-burned fuel building up in the engine. SIKES offers could meet your demands.

Key Factors of  AC Load bank:

Compact and easy to operate;

Reliable load element;

Over-volt and temperature protection;

0-4KW continuous fine adjustment;

Transfer logs of current and voltage to computer for displaying.

Feature of  AC Load bank:

High rate testing for voltage, current and transient voltage waveform for generator and UPS units

Alloy structural body, make the model much lighter than normal steel casing.

Big LED screen, easy operation and vivid display of testing data and waveform

Power continuously adjustable from 0 to 4kW with current from 0 to 20A

Discharge time customized as 0-99 hours with resolution of 1 minute

Can set different current, end-up time, discharge power and voltage threshold (upper or lower limit)

Has emergency stop button

Auto stop discharge when three phase voltage is over high

Has over current short circuit protection

Warning and auto stop upon any fans failure

Parameters of  AC Load bank:

Total power:  could be customized  

Freq.: 50/60Hz,     

Type: Resistive AC Load,  

Voltage: 220V 3Ø, (could be customized)   

Phase type:  three phase;

Power factor: 1.0,

Power step:  could be customized  

Min power:  could be customized    

Load cooling:  axial flow fan forced cooling

Application period: at least one hour continuous working( long term.)

Cubicle: in Frame of Aluminum alloy for lighter structure

Resistor type: stainless steel resistance wires(or better) for waterproof class.

Insulation resistance value: 500 V Insulation resistance meter, 1 MΩ or more

Insulation class:  F class

Humidity range: 0-9% non condensing.

Applied altitude: less than 2500m

Max. temperature range: ambient -25 to +50 degree C

Load bank
IP Class IP 20
Nominal Voltage range (V) 220
Power Factor 1
Load Power (KVA) 40

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